Living in a small Mediterranean village after having suffered from "nature deficit disorder" during an important part of my life, art is my way to connect with nature. 
In my art practice I use a combination of digital photography and manual printing. The photography drives my attention to the beauty of the small things. Printing  fabrics with vegetable matter is a process of joint creation with nature, subject to the variations of the natural cycles.  
By working with printing plates and engraving inks I have a chance to explore the magic of colours and enjoy the pleasure of getting my hands dirty.  The combination of the digital processing of images with the manual printing allows me to extend the diversity of materials and introduce the elements of variability, chance and imperfection of living things.
My art is addressed to those who, disconnected from nature, suffer from the same deficit. I hope that it will bring you a moment of the inner calm and peace that the contemplation of nature provides.  
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